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Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Dog Park in Smithfield

We went to the opening of the new Smithfield Rainy Mountain Dog Park where we ran free with all the other dogs.

It's a fully fenced park and the second to be built this year. Yah! The other one is closer to home, Henley Hill dog park in Earlville but we went anyway. I entered the best dressed dog competition and had a great time with my mates and didn't we look silly! Mum took a few photos, just one below

Saturday, October 9, 2010


We are getting ready for Halloween which is just around the corner. I did look but didn't find anything.

We are going Trick-or-Treating and have a lot of fun but first I have to get a Halloween Dog Costume! I want something unique and stands out like my friend here.........

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adopt a Dog From a Rescue Shelter

My mum said this is a great article and more people should consider adopting a dog from the local Pound or Dog Rescue Shelter. Well I was rescued and I can highly recommend it. I have now found my forever home. I have a big yard to chase the ball which I almost always never give back. Hee! Hee! We have a pool. I even have my own dog bed and home cooked meals!

Please think of all my friends out there.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Favourtie Topic "Dog food"

Dog Food, my favourite topic!

My best friend Nelson has just come back to tell me about Sydney's first organic pet restaurant which opened recently. It's called Chew Chew in Wollstonecraft, specialising in organic pet food for cats and dogs. Popular dishes, organic chicken risotto and bolognese. Yum!

My mum cooks my dinner. Best restaurant in town, I say. Check out my favourite dish Chickenliscious.

Chew Chew even offers a home delivery service for pampered pets. I know I am a pampered pet. I wonder if they deliver to Cairns?

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I can't believe I already have over 300 followers on Twitter. Why not join the buzz. All you have to do is "Find Friends" and type in Dogs Gossip. Easy as!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dog Training

Guess what! I've been put through puppy pre-training school. I've just finished six weeks of basic training.

I was the biggest dog there. That's because someone said I wasn't a puppy anymore. It was fun playing with all the other puppies then they went and spoiled it by putting on our collars and lead.

We all had to line up. Now I have to follow instructions! When I jumped up to let dad know I was happy and wanted his attention, he ignored me! This always seemed to work in the past. Now I have to "Sit" on command? Well OK, the liver treat made it more palatable. Then I had to "Stay" while dad walked away. That was the hardest of all commands. When he said "Come", he didn't have to say it twice. I wasn't too bad with the "Heel" command because I like going for walks.

I even got a Certificate at graduation. Dad seemed really proud and pleased with me. The teacher said they would have to be consistent with their training even when we weren't at puppy school.

Stay tuned............

Friday, July 9, 2010

Micro Chipping Day

Remember how I told you last week I was going to get microchipped at the vet's. Well not only did I get microchipped so that if I wander off and get lost, the vet and pound will know who I am and where I live so that I will be picked up and taken home, I also got neutered. Ouch!! I don't know whose idea that was but nobody asked me! My dad didn't seem too happy about it either but mum insisted it would be a good thing to do while I was getting microchipped.  I was sore for a day or two but now I am back to my old playful self.

I'm OK so that's the main thing and I heard mum telling the rest of the family over dinner that this was what they called being a responsible pet owner!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Deadly Paralysis Tick

Every time we come back from a walk my dad gives me the once over especially around the head and neck. It's tick season in the tropics. From now until December, ticks will be spreading through the bush, scrub and creeks. They think I'm pretty special because I now have a tick collar too.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Solar as bright as the Sun

We are having a solar system installed today. It sounds very exciting. Everybody is doing it!

If you are interested in solar power to reduce your electricty bill, you could be eligible for thousands of dollars worth of Government Incentives through the Solar Credit Scheme.......

If it makes my life easier I'm right into it.  I'm sure into making the planet greener.  We can all "play" our part in helping our planet.  I'm right into playing. That's right up my alley!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cupcake Day 2010 - 16 August 2010

I just feel compelled to tell everyone about Cupcake Day 2010 on August 16 2010.  As you know I was rescued from a life on the streets and adopted by my forever family. I am a great supporter of the RSPCA and they need your support.

So grab your favourite recipe and get your chef's hat and mixer ready for the sweetest event of the year, Cupcake Day for the RSPCA.

On Monday 16 August 2010, registered RSPCA Cupcake Cooks across Australia will descend on their schools, workplaces and social groups with scrumptious homemade cupcakes to be exchanged for donations to the RSPCA.

To get involved register in your State - it's free! Visit for more details.

Dog Registration

I've been registered? I don't exactly know what that means but I think it is a good thing.  The Council/State knows who I am, where I live and I get a tag to put on my collar. I feel a bit special actually.  Now they are talking about micro-chipping? I don't know what that involves but I am going to the vet next week to have it done.  This will be my first visit to the vet!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Birthday Present!

You'll never guess what. It was my birthday! I met the neighbour's dog Nelson. He just moved in. He's a  Poodle. We had the best time. Everybody made a fuss of me. I'm the luckiest dog in the world. My best friend Zali, a Schnauzer, was there. We all had cupcakes with candles. Here is a photo of Zali eating his cupcake.

I got to open my present all by myself! It was great fun but I didn't eat the wrapping paper because I remember what happened the last time I ate the paper towel and got an upset tummy. I suppose you are all wondering what I got for my birthday.  I have my very own personalized pet bowls with matching meal mats. One bowl for food and one for water. They have my name "Jasper" on them.  I think they must love me very much!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I think it is somebody's Birthday!

There is something very exciting happening! There are balloons outside along the pool fence. They are making a big fuss inside. Good smells are coming from the kitchen. Smells like Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits? More people are arriving by the minute. It must be a special day. They are talking about birthdays. It must be somebody's birthday? I wonder if it is my birthday? That makes me a Cancer. I must read up about my horoscope.....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Free Pumpkin Dog Biscuit Recipe

I wasn't feeling too well this morning. It must have been that paper towel I ate last night. It upset my tummy. Mum seemed to know just what to do though. She whipped up some Pumpkin Dog Biscuits to give me and things settled down.

I know, I can hear you saying we want the recipe too! Well here is the recipe just for you.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Follow Jaspers Antics - Jasper working on his blogs!

A young and dashing guy like myself who is a ‘star’ with his own blog page, needs to keep in touch with all his fans. Well you just never know I might even become famous one day! I just can’t leave it to the amateurs to get it right. I have to supervise to make sure my integrity stays intact and that I don’t look foolish or silly in my pictures. The trouble I have to go to ensure not a hair is out of place, nails are manicured perfectly and that my collar is on straight. You really don’t think I am overreacting do you? This is normal canine behaviour right? Are you laughing at me?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jasper learns about dental hygiene

Follow Jasper as he learns all about dental hygiene
In the mornings, I notice that everyone puts these long things in their mouths, vigorously twists them around, causing them to start frothing at the mouth and spitting everywhere. Now this is something I want to try! I waited for the right opportunity and grabbed one of those funny long things. I put it into my mouth like they did, but I just couldn't get it to work like it does for them. I think I will just go and find somewhere comfy to sprawl out and have another nap.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jasper Makes Himself At Home

There I was sprawled out on the huge comfy bed. My head was blissfully nestled into the soft fluffiness of the doona. As I let out a deep sigh of contentment I though how perfect this place was for me to stretch out my weary legs after a hard day of romping around. With not a care in the world, I slowly started to doze off again. Suddenly, I was brought back to reality with this stern voice asking me, what I was doing up on the bed. I knew this was not the time to be hasty. Quick thinking was needed here. I slowly looked up at my dear sweet owner and gave him my sad puppy dog eyes look and just an ever so slight wag of the tail. It seems to work most times. A smile went across his face and I even got a pat for my efforts. As I slowly lay my head back on the bed I came to the conclusion that this would be my new sleeping place.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jasper is given special privileges

Just how lucky am I. I just love my new home and family. I have even been given special privileges of being allowed to go into the house. I was a bit shy at first but after a while I got adventurous and started roaming from room to room, just exploring and sniffing at everything. There are a few things that caught my eye, such as that big comfy bean bag and large fluffy bed. I can just see myself sprawled out on those. Being just a young lad, all the excitement of it all got the better of me and just for a minute I totally forgot where I was. I had to go, the urge was there and those kitchen tiles seemed to be the perfect place at the time and besides no-one was looking! Got caught didn’t I. In an attempt to cover up, I tried to give them that innocent look, where, who, what mess? But they are pretty smart, somehow they just knew it was me. After a big lecture and some waving of the finger, I was given a cloth and while still sulking had to clean up my own mess. I decided that day, if I ever wanted to get back inside that comfy house again, I would have to resist my urges!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jasper goes for a dip in the pool

Today I just couldn’t help myself. I had been eyeing that pool off for days. Suddenly the opportunity arose as the gate was open for just one second. Being an opportunist I quickly pushed my way through before I was noticed. My legs were propelling me so fast, I remember thinking to myself that there wasn’t much grip on those tiles, just before I went hurtling sideways into the cold water. What a strange sensation. What am I supposed to do now? I don’t seem to be able to touch the ground, and why is everyone laughing at me. Don’t they know I don’t know how to swim? Or can I? That’s weird. My legs just automatically started doing their own thing, whatever it was it was working and before I knew it I reached the edge of the pool. Now all I had to figure out was how to get out of this watery hole in the ground. Those darn tiles are so slippery!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is this going to be Jaspers new home?

Today, I said goodbye to that nice lady and somewhere I felt safe. I then went for a ride in a car by the man who befriended me the day before. Once I got over feeling sorry for myself I decided to stick my head out the window. The feeling of having my ears flap against my head in a mad frenzy was something I would like to try again. I was trying to look around but everything was just whizzing by so fast. My head just couldn’t keep up. It wasn’t long before we stopped. The man carried me out and took me through this big gate. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he put me down, I just stood there frozen. There was this huge yard with lots of green grass, a pool (must check that out one day!), gardens to dig in, lots of things to chew on (shoes!) and look! More people. Suddenly everyone was all over me patting and hugging me. What excitement! This feels good, this feels real good. My head was darting around taking everything in, my tail was spinning around like a windmill and my legs just wanted to get going so I could start exploring. Is this going to be Jaspers new home………..?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where is Jasper Going?

Oh bliss, it was so good to wake up this morning with my new owner fussing over me. But I sensed she seemed sad today. We went for a walk this morning as her flat doesn't have a backyard for me to play in. Along the way we stop as she chats with a friend who talks to me and gives me lots of pats (I didn't know what he said, but the pats were good!). I just couldn't stop that darned tail of mine from wagging and couldn't resist my urges to jump all over him, in an attempt to get more attention. It wasn't long after we got home when the same man came to visit, I got so excited I nearly wet myself. There was something about this person that made me feel good and I hoped he would visit again. But then something happened, he slipped a collar and leash on me and took me with him out the door....................................
Where is Jasper going? blog soon.......

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who is Jasper and where did he come from?

Hello, I'm Jasper and this was me a couple of months ago, all sad and depressed! I was only just a young lad, all of 4 months, when this lady found me wondering the streets, hungry and dejected. She must have liked my charisma, charm and good looks because she took me home and gave me some food and lodgings for the night. As I lay there with my full belly on those cool tiles, I thought to myself, I like it here all cosy and safe is this my new home? But that was not to be..................

Stay tuned to see what happens to Jasper next!