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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is this going to be Jaspers new home?

Today, I said goodbye to that nice lady and somewhere I felt safe. I then went for a ride in a car by the man who befriended me the day before. Once I got over feeling sorry for myself I decided to stick my head out the window. The feeling of having my ears flap against my head in a mad frenzy was something I would like to try again. I was trying to look around but everything was just whizzing by so fast. My head just couldn’t keep up. It wasn’t long before we stopped. The man carried me out and took me through this big gate. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he put me down, I just stood there frozen. There was this huge yard with lots of green grass, a pool (must check that out one day!), gardens to dig in, lots of things to chew on (shoes!) and look! More people. Suddenly everyone was all over me patting and hugging me. What excitement! This feels good, this feels real good. My head was darting around taking everything in, my tail was spinning around like a windmill and my legs just wanted to get going so I could start exploring. Is this going to be Jaspers new home………..?

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