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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jasper is given special privileges

Just how lucky am I. I just love my new home and family. I have even been given special privileges of being allowed to go into the house. I was a bit shy at first but after a while I got adventurous and started roaming from room to room, just exploring and sniffing at everything. There are a few things that caught my eye, such as that big comfy bean bag and large fluffy bed. I can just see myself sprawled out on those. Being just a young lad, all the excitement of it all got the better of me and just for a minute I totally forgot where I was. I had to go, the urge was there and those kitchen tiles seemed to be the perfect place at the time and besides no-one was looking! Got caught didn’t I. In an attempt to cover up, I tried to give them that innocent look, where, who, what mess? But they are pretty smart, somehow they just knew it was me. After a big lecture and some waving of the finger, I was given a cloth and while still sulking had to clean up my own mess. I decided that day, if I ever wanted to get back inside that comfy house again, I would have to resist my urges!

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