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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where is Jasper Going?

Oh bliss, it was so good to wake up this morning with my new owner fussing over me. But I sensed she seemed sad today. We went for a walk this morning as her flat doesn't have a backyard for me to play in. Along the way we stop as she chats with a friend who talks to me and gives me lots of pats (I didn't know what he said, but the pats were good!). I just couldn't stop that darned tail of mine from wagging and couldn't resist my urges to jump all over him, in an attempt to get more attention. It wasn't long after we got home when the same man came to visit, I got so excited I nearly wet myself. There was something about this person that made me feel good and I hoped he would visit again. But then something happened, he slipped a collar and leash on me and took me with him out the door....................................
Where is Jasper going? blog soon.......

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