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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dog Training

Guess what! I've been put through puppy pre-training school. I've just finished six weeks of basic training.

I was the biggest dog there. That's because someone said I wasn't a puppy anymore. It was fun playing with all the other puppies then they went and spoiled it by putting on our collars and lead.

We all had to line up. Now I have to follow instructions! When I jumped up to let dad know I was happy and wanted his attention, he ignored me! This always seemed to work in the past. Now I have to "Sit" on command? Well OK, the liver treat made it more palatable. Then I had to "Stay" while dad walked away. That was the hardest of all commands. When he said "Come", he didn't have to say it twice. I wasn't too bad with the "Heel" command because I like going for walks.

I even got a Certificate at graduation. Dad seemed really proud and pleased with me. The teacher said they would have to be consistent with their training even when we weren't at puppy school.

Stay tuned............

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