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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ODoggy App for iPhone and Android

Attention all pet owners!

Have you ever had to take your beloved dog to the kennel because you are going on vacation or a business trip only to discover you are missing your dog and wonder how your pooch is doing while at the kennel? Problem solved as you can now watch your dog from your phone. Welcome the ODoggy app:)

ODoggy App for iPhone and Android

The ODoggy app allows you to view live streaming video of your dog using your iPhone or Android, thus releaving you of any worries of guilt you may have while sitting on a tropical beach somewhere!

Online Doggy is the leader when it comes to kennel-cam systems. Blake Walliser founded Online Doggy and the streaming video services can be found in almost every state in over 450 pet-care providers. Naturally with the majority of pet owners having access to a smartphone, it only made sense to develop the ODoggy app.

The ODoggy app that is currently available is the first release for both the iPhone and Android and Blake Walliser plans on continual updates to enhance the pet owner’s experience.

The ODoggy app is free to download. The app has a 4+ rating in iTunes and a 4.1 stars on the Android market.

So the next time you have to leave your beloved dog at a kennel, remember the ODoggy app because you could be only a screen tap away from your dog.

Of course, I always go away on holidays with my family!